March 2011- February 2012

Director of Engineering, device software - Nexage Boston, MA

Driving a small team of engineers designing, implementing and owning the critical components of Nexage mobile media products, owning all aspects of their lifecycle.

March - August 2010

Principal Architect - Akamai Technologies Inc., Boston, MA

Assisted in the acquisition of Velocitude - a mobile content adaptation company. Generated the technical due diligence report, provided resource planning and the first technical team integration plan.

Contributed to Akamai's strategy for content acceleration within mobile operator networks.


Senior Director of Research - Orange Labs Boston, MA

During a career at Orange Keith led small highly motivated engineering teams, created multi-year programs of work involving scope, operational management, budgets($M), hiring and defined technical directions. A specific focus on next-generation mobile Web applications and services, mobile multimodal interaction and most recently a state-of-the-art open mobile Linux platform known as 2Nami. For my technical contributions to Orange Keith was promoted to Orange Senior Expert in services and usages in 2004.


Open mobile device – design and development of a high performance open mobile Linux handset prototype with WebKit as a core Web layout engine for the visual interface. Delivered 4 hardware variations within an aggressive 18 month schedule, with a Shanghai based custom hardware design facility specifically to allow a complete open software infrastructure to be installed. Beyond the core base radio stack CPU and memory (2.5G, 256 Meg, 640Mhz CPU), the prototype included binding to multiple hardware components including GPS, accelerometer, heat sensor, light sensor, compass, touchscreen, FM radio, agitator, BlueTooth and WiFi.


Open source platform - Linux 2.64, Qt, Qtopia 4.3 embedded phone edition, custom TAPI and modified version of WebKit built with extended DCCI APIs allowing a binding to hardware components. Led the requirements and design specification of the devices top-to-bottom architecture providing unique binding and API access to device hardware. Drove the technical team and QA hard to release 20 prototypes to qualified internal developers in Orange France, UK and China by May '09.


Service platform - definition of mobile Web mini-applications (widgets) as both remote and local applications supporting personalized management and control of services present on the device. Specified a Web portal for mobile personalization and customization. Demonstrated Orange service opportunities for end-to-end multiple layered service control. Novel examples of personal mobile Web mini-applications services: French Taxi, Findcar, LoCus, touch-n-tilt Flickr and Medi-apps.


Mobile Web mini-apps - defined and demonstrated the power of Web compliance for mobile widget services using local and remote Web mini-apps developed with JavaScript, AJAX, CSS and XHTML, DOM, XMLhttpRequest capable running on Android G1, Apple iPhone, Nokia WRT N95, WM6.0 and Linux prototypes. Knowledgeable of local/remote technical topics and solutions. Promoted the use of widget packaging and delivery mechanisms.


Mobile browsing services – based on Opera Mobile (customized version under contract) and Minimo (Mozilla contract) for Orange mobile signature S60 devices running Symbian and SPV's running Windows Mobile 5.0, created mobile widgets for next-generation mobile applications. Generated customer field trials in the UK and Spain (twice) to validate core mobile widget service concepts such as personalization and consumer tolerance for mobile advertising.


Domain lead for multimodality – directed multiple programs and projects throughout Orange R&D in France, UK and US. Set and approved technical approaches and budgets for programs. Defined technical roadmaps for the company.


Mobile Web Initiative – instrumental in promoting Orange to engage with the W3C Mobile Web Initiative and Mobile Best Practices. Created internal and external position papers. Evangelized a vision to key internal Orange stake holders and external press engagements, technical conferences, workshops, presentations and reviews.


Multimodal service prototype – for France Telecom business unit PageJaunes operating on Sony Ericsson's P900 and Orange SPV handsets with rich in-network Web services. Field trials with consumers on the streets of Paris. Generated large amounts of user data to assist in the future of mobile multimodal systems design.

Standards Activities

Recognized the significance of W3C for Orange mobile, in particular the importance of the mobile Web within Orange. Garnered sponsorship for interaction ensuring that ILAB Boston became the center for Orange interaction with the consortium.

A Next Generation Delivery Context Interface, Waters, K., and Rosenblatt, K. W3C International Workshop on Distributed Web Applications, Dublin, Ireland, June 5-6, 2007. [Presentation]

Delivery Context: Client Interfaces (DCCI) 1.0 Accessing Static and Dynamic Delivery Context Properties. W3C Candidate Recommendation, Dec 2007

A Device Description Repository: An Integrated Operator's Perspective, K. Waters et, al. W3C International Workshop on the Implementation of a Device Description Repository, Madrid, Spain, July 12-13 2006. [Presentation]

Mobile Web Initiative, W3C Press Event London, UK, Nov 15 2005. [Presentation]

W3C Mobile Web Initiative Towards an Integrated Operator: A mobile perspective, Nov 11, 2004

W3C Multimodal Interaction Framework, W3C Note, May, 2003

Mobile technical reports

Waters, K., Tucker, J., Sierra, M., et. al., Web Rendering for Orange Devices, Orange Labs, White Paper, May 21 2009

Waters, K., Ondet, O., Goumount, R., and Fodor, S., Browsing: Towards an Integrated Operator, White Paper, Aug 4 2005

Guillaume, G., Morvan, A., Mitukiewicz, E., Waters, K., and Lucas, P., The Integrated Operator: A Mobile Perspective, Mobile Web Initiative, Nov '04, 2004

Recent public presentations

Mobile Internet World 08: Mobile Content and Entertainment. Beyond Content Delivery - Opportunities for Mobile Services, October 2008 [Presentation]

International Wireless Consortium IWPC: Green Devices and Accessories. Sept 2008 [Presentation]

Mobile Internet World 07: Rapid Fire: How the Mobile Internet will Change Your Life. November 2007

Mobile Mondays: Browsers - Driving the Web or Driven by the Web? June 2008

Recent relevant mobile patents

European Patent: 1 646 037 A2 Method and Apparatus for Enhancing Speech Recognition Accuracy by Using Geographic Data to Filter a Set of Words. Waters, K. Benoit, S. Issued: April 4th 2009

European Patent pending: A System and Method for Managing Widgets, Waters, K. and Rosenblatt, K. Filled: Nov 14th 2008

European Patent pending: A Method and Apparatus for Navigating Web User Interfaces on Mobile Devices Using Clutch-Tilt and Clutch-Snap Gestures, Waters, K. Sierra, M. Tucker, J. Filled: May 2nd 2009

Full patent listing

Professional assets

Competent at operating with lightweight, fast pace groups embedded within a highly matrixed organization.

Tenacious technical leadership through deep technical understanding of engineering issues, constraints and timetables. Works closely with requirements to coordinate engineering specifications that in turn generate clear and precise QA testing procedures. Provide decisive decision making based on technical choices. Provides clarity to engineering and QA meetings with local and remote teams. Regular hands-on and on-site (i.e. Shanghai, Boston and Australia) interaction and leadership.

Strong presentation skills though numerous presentation to senior management (office of the president), Next Strategic Marketing (NSM), Orange business services (OBS), customers at Orange Partner Program and engineers at the Salon de Research (SSR). Recognized as a leader though numerous external conferences, panel sessions and workshops on state-of-the-art mobile technologies.

Excellent communication skills though authoring book chapters, journals, conference papers, internal/external white papers and presentations. Can clearly articulate critical program vision, mission and plans to senior management and engineering. Considered a critical thinker and a futurist.

Competent planning and execution with program managers, internationally remote and local engineering teams, experienced in using program management tools, QA departments triage and tracking systems.

Creative external liaison skills with W3C, Orange Partner program, Nokia WRT, MIT, Opera, Access, PagesJaunes, as well as third parties vendors such as Kirusa, VoiceGenie and Archermind. Capable of defining and resolving contracts and terms of agreement with third parties.

Attention to detail. Close study of requirements, engineering tasks and QA resourcing with strong desire to be on-time and in-budget.