Keith started in Art & Design and quickly engaged in computer graphics creating innovative art and animation shorts. His work won various awards both in the UK and the US for animations and graphic art which created opportunities in commerical research and development. During his career in industry he has built many unique prototypes and demonstrations, from large scale markerless user interfaces, to next-generation mobile interfaces.

Keith has extensive technical and management experience in software and scientific industries, with a broad background in innovative application development. Recognized as an innovator in mobile Human Computer Interaction with strength in building state-of-the-art systems, prototypes and products generating a wide range of intellectual property. Possess proven leadership skills in defining and executing projects in large complex organizations, as well as products in startups. A technical leader with an ability to defining a vision of the future and goals for engineers.


I have specialized on mobile usage and services, particularly on advanced Web applications. I was the director of engineering for devices services at Nexage engaged in developing mobile advertising aligning the features for the Android and iOS SDKs. While at France Télécom's Orange Labs Boston USA, I led the design and development of a next generation mobile prototype featuring a high performance open mobile Linux platform running the WebKit rendering engine. In addition, I have been involved with the W3C serving as a member of the Device Independence Working Group, the Mobile Web Initiative, the Multimodal Interaction group and as the lead for Delivery Context Client Interfaces (DCCI) which was integrated into WebKit and used on the mobile prototype. My specialties are:


My passion is for building things. Devices, software apps and services, as well as physical things like kayaks and model gliders. I seek opportunities in a variety of fields at the crossroads of technologies. I am particularly intrigued in next-generation mobile Web. I have a strong conviction that the Web is a future platform for a vast majority of applications and services. Consequently, I see high performance open mobile Web technologies as enablers leveling the playing field for content developers.